• Insect / Mammalian

    The Optimum Growth™ line of flasks feature: increased working volumes up to 60%, scalability between flask sizes, dissolved oxygen of ~50%, ease of large cap for sterile technique, increased aeration, lower shear, and increased viability. Optimum Growth™ Flasks are designed for scalability across the product range: from 125mL to 5L. Optimum Growth™ Flask accessories allow for aseptic transfer of culture from flask to flask, sampling, feeding, and cell clarification.

  • Microbial / E. coli

    Ultra Yield™ Flasks are the choice for E. coli and microbes. True to their name, Ultra Yield™ Flasks dramatically increase protein and/or DNA yields by increasing total cellular growth. Designed for scalability and ease of use, the Ultra Yield™ Flask line will improve performance in your E. coli or microbial growth protocols. Thomson offers complementary products, our Enhanced AirOtop™ Seals and Plasmid+® Media offer better aeration and support for increased cell mass.