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  • Welcome to Thomson’s Distributors page. Let’s take a moment to show you how it works.

    Promise really quick & simple. :o)

  • This is a full list of our distributors worldwide.

    You can click on the company or country headings to sort the list.

  • Use these buttons to narrow your search by region (try clicking on “Asia”).

    The list will update to show only distributors supplying our products in Asia!

  • You can also use the dropdown to narrow the search further by product lines. Try clicking anywhere in the dropdown bar and select “Filter Vials”.

    The list is now further reduced to suppliers of our Filter Vials in Asia!

  • Once you find a distributor, click the icon to view the full entry for the distributor.

  • The page will scroll to the top showing the full contact information for the distributor you chose.

    Thanks for taking part in learning how to use our distributors’ page!