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Designed to Accommodate a Variety of Sample Types
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Thomson Filter Vials are designed to accommodate a variety of sample types and include a choice of 4 membrane materials; PDVF, PTFE, PES or Nylon and come in either 0.2μm or 0.45μm pore sizes

Choose A Filter Vial From the Following Sample Types

Standard|Filter Vial

Less than 10% solid particulates

Standard|Filter Vial

Thomson Standard|Filter Vial can be used for samples containing less than 10% solid particulates. Applications include filtration of catalysts from organic and medicinal chemistry synthesis reactions, saccharide analysis in corn syrup, and in-vial protein precipitation.

Up to 30% particulates


Thomson eXtreme|FV® offer multi-layer filtration for viscous samples and samples containing up to 30% particulates. Applications include filtration of cell and cell debris from cell culture; pesticide analysis in food, tissue, soil, and water; and toxicology analysis.

Precious samples with low volume

nano|Filter Vial®

Thomson nano|Filter Vial® offer a very low dead volume, allowing one to filter as little as 10µL of sample with enough remaining filtrate to make a 2μL injection. Applications include all low volume samples: analysis of enzymes, peptides, DNA, RNA, synthesis reaction intermediates, finished products, saliva.

High volatility or extended analysis times

Low Evap|Filter Vial

The Low Evaporation Cap holds sample evaporation to a rate comparable to standard crimp cap vials. Applications include analysis of high volatility organic solvents or samples being run over an extended period of time where sample loss through evaporation affects results.

Multi-Mode Filtration


Thomson eXtractor3D|FV® Filter Vials offer filtration with increased volume enabling multiple extraction techniques with different resins/sorbents or solids/large particulates (heavily laden) to autosampler ready vials. eXtractor3D|FV® is a product uniquely designed for the addition of resins/sorbents, QuEChERS dispersive salts, pills, or special resins in the standard autosampler ready vial.

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