High Viscosity Presses

The Thomson Filter Vial Press enables high solid content and viscous liquids to be easily filtered through vials. Some fermentation cultures that reach 100OD or particulate laden samples may require the toggle press.

Filter Vial Press Options
For Particulate Laden Samples

Filter Vial Toggle Press

Part # 35005

  • Press up to 5 autosampler ready Filter Vials
  • Allows for consistency and ergonomic concerns
  • Small footprint sits on bench top
  • Works with all Thomson Filter Vials

Multi-Use Press

Part # 35015

  • Presses up to 48 Autosampler Ready Filter Vials at a time
  • Works with 48 position block; block fits some autosamplers
  • 48 position block can be transferred to a robot for automation
  • Easily Auotmate Filter vial Pressing
  • Works with all Thomson Filter Vials

Filter Vial Press Part Numbers

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