Low Evaporation Filter Vial

The Low Evaporation Cap eliminates the pre-slit in the cap membrane allowing the vial to hold sample evaporation to a rate of <.4% over a 24 hour period. This is comparable to standard screw cap vials.

Filter Vials equipped with the Low Evaporation Cap offer the same characteristics as our standard Filter Vial. Filtering samples in-vial with a 3-step process (deposit sample & dilute, press plunger to filter, place in HPLC). Even with a seemingly homogenous sample, filtering with a Thomson Filter Vial is fast and eliminates HPLC downtime.

Low Evaporation Cap Filter Vials:

  • Eliminate the need for syringe filters, syringes, HPLC vials and caps
  • Clear up valuable lab space
  • Offer Eco-Friendly solution to lowering your lab waste

Low Evaporation Cap Filter Vials are available in all four membranes PTFE, PVDF, & Nylon and two pore sizes .2µm & .45µm and also feature our color coded system of caps to help selection in the lab.

Low Evaporation Cap Filter Vials are suitable for GC/GCMS Applications, Solubility Testing, Food Testing, Volatiles or any other application where minimizing the evaporation of samples is critical.

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