High quality filtration products that are easy to use, reliable, and consistent with reproducible results each and every time, are required in pharmaceutical HPLC sample preparation.

Pharmaceutical R&D widely uses liquid chromatography in QC operations. Thomson offers an eco-friendly solution with a considerable cost savings advantage in the Filter Vial (patented). Analyzing pharmaceutical tablets and capsules for dissolution and content uniformity could not be easier and safer than with the Thomson Filter Vial. Filtration being the final step before analysis by HPLC or another procedure, Thomson offers a wide range of membranes PTFE, PVDF, Nylon, and PES in sizes of .2μm and .45μm.

Thomson has a solid technical library covering many protocols for HPLC sample preparation. In our experience HPLC sample preparation for protein precipitation is best done with Thomson’s PVDF .2μm Filter Vial. The Thomson PES .2μm Filter Vial performed best in HPLC sample preparation for antibody analysis. If you are looking for an accurate way for real time quantification for biofermentation by HPLC or LC/MS, you should really try Thomson’s PVDF .2μm Filter Vial. Of course, you might wish to try another membrane for your specific fermentation. When you would like to speed up your sample precipitation for TLC plates you can use the Thomson PTFE .45μm Filter Vial.

Using Thomson Filter Vials for HPLC sample preparation in place of syringe filters eliminates the need for purchasing syringes, HPLC vials, HPLC caps, and syringe filters. Thomson Filter Vials are eco-friendly in that they eliminate excess waste in materials. They save laboratory space, and also eliminate any sample loss versus the old syringe filter method. Thomson Filter Vials will also save costly repairs and service issues with your HPLC.

The range of applications you can use the Thomson Filter Vials for are endless. Customers write in consistently with new ways they are using the Thomson Filter Vial to speed up productivity, save in laboratory expenses and save the environment all in the same StEP.

Thomson is committed to providing the community with fast, clean, and reliable methods for sample preparation for HPLC. Thomson knows that every minute counts in the discovery of new pharmaceutical, therapeutic and biotech products for human and animal uses. This is why we ALWAYS have Thomson Filter Vials in stock and ready to ship. We make them (right here in California), so we can stock them. Always.