Key Benefits

  • Save time, clarify 3L of cell culture in less than 35 minutes – with no centrifugation required*!
  • Reduce consumables used by up to 90%
  • Walk away convenience and safety – minimize endotoxin exposure

Rapid Clear® Cap

The Thomson Optimum Growth™ Family of products is expanding into downstream processing with a revolutionary new technology that allows high speed clarification of cellular material. The filters work by simply switching the vented Optimum Growth™ Cap to the Rapid Clear® Cap. The only equipment required is a peristaltic pump. In initial testing the units can filter up to 2.5L-3L of high density culture, 6×10^6 -20×10^6 @ >70% viability, in approximately 18 minutes. This technique will transform the time consuming and laborious task of harvesting cells to a rapid walk away procedure.

Key Features

  • 0.2μm filter, eliminates multiple filtration steps and in some cases centrifugation*
  • Significant time savings versus traditional spin down technique
  • Cell clarification of low or high density cultures of CHO stable, CHO transient, HEK293, hybridoma, and other mammalian cell lines
  • Eliminates transfer steps: The Rapid Clear® Cap screws directly onto the Optimum Growth™ Flask
  • Secondary cap attaches to a new Optimum Growth™ Flask or to a storage container with a Luer lock

Win Your Day Back!

Time in Minutes

Clarify your cultures in under 30 minutes

Faster CHO & HEK293 Filtration

Quick cell harvest for mammalian cells

Less Waste: Components Needed

Current Method

4 filter funnels & 6 containers needed for centrifugation

New Method

One Optimum Growth™ Flask & Rapid Clear® Cap

HPLC comparison of the purified IgG. The Rapid Clear® Cap 3000 is the red line and GE the blue line

Comparison of Rapid Clear® Cap 3000 to GE Capsule Filters

HPLC was utilized to quantitate intact protein for each of the purified solutions. The Rapid Clear® System yielded a slightly higher quantity of intact IgG, than the GE capsule columns.

See the full application note: Comparison of the Rapid Clear® Cap 3000 vs GE Capsule Filters for clarifying monospecific IgG

A=GE filtered material, B=Rapid Clear® filtered material.
Both GE and Rapid Clear® clarified IgG were run on an SDS Page gel for comparison: Lanes 1 & 4 are molecular weight standard ladder; Lanes 2&3 are non-reduced; lanes 5&6 are reduced.

  • 1 ug of post proA protein per lane
  • Both Reduced and Non-reduced samples
  • 4-12% Bis Tris Gel from Life Tech
  • Run in MES buffer @ 200 V for 30 minutes
  • Stained with Safe Stain
  • Ladder is Precision Plus from Biorad

A= GE filtered material
B= Rapid Clear® filtered material

Duplicate 3L CHO Stable cell cultures were clarified using the Rapid Clear® 3000. This graph compares the volume clarified over 21 minutes.

Rapid Clear® Cap 3000 Protocol

When producing biologics, cell yield and viability, and effective clarification are critical. Thomson’s patented Optimum Growth™ Flask design facilitates good mixing and high gas exchange rates to produce high density yields of viable cells. Thomson Instrument Company has used its expertise in filtration to develop the Rapid Clear® Cap 3000 to speed up the clarification process. This innovation reduces operating costs by increasing efficiency and minimizing the number of consumables used.

Using the Rapid Clear® Cap 3000 is quick and easy. Once the mammalian or insect cell culture is ready for clarification, simply remove the vent cap and replace it with the Rapid Clear® Cap 3000. The chart below provides the approximate time *** to clarify cell cultures based on cell type, viability and volume to be filtered. The higher the viability the faster the filtration.

  • Grow cells in a 2.8L or 5L Optimum Growth™ Flask
  • Transfer the flask to a hood to replace the Vent Cap with the Rapid Clear® Cap
  • Replace the Vent Cap on the receiving 1.6L, 2.8L, or 5L Optimum Growth Flask with the receiving cap that comes with the Rapid Clear® Cap
  • Remove from hood and place tubing in the pump head, see pump recommendation below***
  • Tilt the flask slightly and run the pump at maximum speed until only a few hundred mL remain
  • Add 400mL of PBS to the Optimum Growth™ Flask to ensure all the culture has been filtered and transferred to the new flask

Fig 1. Volume and time recommendations by cell type.

Cell Line Viability 99%-70% 69%-50% 49%-40% 39%-0%
Spin for 7min @ 4000g*
Cell Type Volumn
CHO Stable without Feed 3.0 18 2.5 18 2.0 20 3.5**** 35****
CHO Stable, 1 to 2 Feeds 2.0 18 2.0 18 1.5 35
CHO Stable, 2+ Feeds Spin for 7 min @ 4000g; ≤3L volume ****
HEK293 (FreeStyle™ & Expi293) 3.0 18 3.0 23 3.0 25 3.5**** 35****
CHO Transient 3.0 18 2.5 18 1.5 35
ExpiCHO 3.0 18 2.5 18 1.0 18

* For low viability cultures, (< 39%), centrifuge for 7 minutes prior to clarifying with the Rapid Clear® Cap.
** This chart was created from results generated in customer labs.
*** All data was generated using a Cole-Parmer pump (pump drive p/n EW-07554-90, pump head p/n EW-77200-62)
**** Cell cultures that received 2+ feeds will require spinning to minimize potential clogging

Thomson Instrument Company is not affiliated with Cole-Parmer or ThermoFisher Scientific or their products

Rapid Clear® Cap from Optimum Growth™ 5L Flask to 5L Flask for transport

Rapid Clear® Cap from Optimum Growth™ 5L Flask to 2.8L or 1.6L Optimum Growth™ Flask for storage

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