Thomson's 5L Optimum Growth has a new look and upgraded features


Thomson carries a number of accessories for the Ultra Yield® Flask series. Accessories add to the ease-of-use and functionality of Ultra Yield® Flasks


Ultra Yield® Flask Accessories

Caps for Sterile Breathing, & Aseptic Transfer

Vented Caps

Vented Screw Caps feature a PTFE 0.2μm membrane layer that assures sterility without limiting gas exchange due to saturation from condensation.


BiDirectional Transfer Cap

aseptic transfer system

In addition, when it comes time to harvest flask contents or transfer to larger fermenters Thomson manufactures a single-use Ultra Yield® BiDirectional Transfer Cap for the 1.5L and 2.5L Ultra Yield® Flasks. This aseptic transfer system keeps your process sterile and GMP-compliant

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Ultra Yield® Vent Cap Part Numbers

Ultra Yield® BiDirectional Transfer Cap Part Number