Key Features

  • Medium specifically formulated for high DNA growth
  • Increased supercoiled DNA per Liter
  • Consistent plasmid production up to 22 hours
  • Use with tubes, plates, flasks, and fermenters
  • Sterile and ready to use. Simply add antibiotics and Grow!

Please use Antifoam 1:5000 (Sigma-Aldrich® Antifoam 204)

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Plasmid+® Media

PLASMID+® is an enriched liquid medium specifically designed for plasmid DNA production. PLASMID+® supports higher cell densities and plasmid yields than LB media. Maximum culture aeration is achieved using the Ultra Yield™ Flasks. E. coli DH5α is the preferred host strain for use with PLASMID+® liquid medium. E. coli XL1-Blue also produce high quality plasmid DNA and may improve plasmid DNA yields with plasmids smaller than 3kb.

Plasmid+® Media Part Numbers

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