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The mission of Thomson Instrument Company is to partner with our customers, provide technical expertise and deliver practical scientific innovations. Made in the USA.


Innovative Single-Use Solutions

Thomson delivers practical scientific innovations enabling scientific advancements in pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental/food, toxicology/forensics, and contract manufacturing industries by helping to improve cell growth, purification, and analysis.


Ultra Yield® SystemOptimum Growth® System

Shake Flasks

Thomson offers a full line of shake flasks and accessories to help provide higher cell, protein and DNA yields. Shake Flasks are designed specifically for insect/mammalian, or microbial/E. coli based on an understanding and experience of lab operations.


Well Plates

Well Plates

Our well plate catalog continues to grow and offer the highest quality well plates ready for robotics, cell culture, synthesis or analysis.


Filter Plates

Filter Plates

Whether your applications are analytical or biological Thomson has filter plates available in both 96 and 24-well configurations. Pair filter plates with well plates for sample collection.

Scientists discover new ways to use Filter Vials everyday!

Thomson's filter vial line is a proven indispensable tool for sample prep and analysis for all types of HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS and lateral flow analyses. Whether testing pharmaceuticals, toxicology or other areas, filter vials allow you to go from unfiltered samples to filtered samples in 15 seconds.

SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns

Ready for sorbents & resins, comes in variety of sizes
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