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Thomson sells innovative single-use Solutions At Work™, our mission is to provide technical expertise while partnering with our customers to deliver practical scientific innovations enabling scientific advancements in pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental/food, toxicology/forensics, and contract manufacturing industries.


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Scientists around the world are discovering new ways to use Thomson Filter Vials. Whether testing pharmaceuticals, performing toxicology, or testing for drugs of abuse Thomson Filter Vials have proven to be indispensable tools for sample prep when using HPLC, GC, LC-MS, or GC-MS, methodologies.

Thomson offers a full line of Shake flasks and accessories with above-average yields and higher working volumes, designed specifically for insect/mammalian, or microbial/E. coli cells based on an understanding and experience of lab operations.

Our well plate catalog continues to grow and provide the highest quality plates, ready for robotics, cell culture, synthesis, or analysis.

SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns are ready for the addition of sorbents or resins depending on the application.


Owner Sam Elis at Mapp Biopharmaceautical during development of the Rapid Clear® 3000 Cap

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    Mark Rehse, MSc.

    National Sales Manager

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    Jessica Oates, Ph.D

    Technical Sales Manager

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    Matt Obusek

    Technical Sales Manager

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    Christian Lux

    Technical Sales Representative

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