Working with scientists has led to Thomson developing innovative products for chemical analysis


Thomson Offers Chemists Tools For

Sample Preparation, Purification & storage
  • Filter Vials

    provide pre-analytical sample filtration that improves your signal-to-noise ratio and extends column life while minimizing plastic waste

  • Plates

    designed for sample preparation and storage applications, or both small scale pilot projects and high throughput sample analysis

  • Empty Columns

    for low pressure FPLC, LPLC and MPLC systems come in a variety of sizes perfectly adapted to fit your purification needs

  • Glassware

    for synthesis and analytical work include vials for reactions and HPLC Autosamplers, caps and lid solutions, plastic and metal blocks for storage and dry down, custom glassware, barcoding or laser etching

Filter Vials

Combination of Filtration & HPLC Vial

Filter Vials

Thomson Filter Vials are a single system which replaces HPLC Vials, HPLC Caps, Syringes, & Syringe Filters for the filtration of samples in an autosampler-ready vial. Filter Vials will help reduce time and costs by eliminating transfer steps and minimizing waste.

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Key Features

  • Membrane materials - Choose between PTFE, PVDF, PES and Nylon depending on the percentage of organic solvent in the sample and the amount of protein binding

  • Porosity - Membranes are available in either 0.2μm or 0.45μm pore sizes providing the perfect degree of filtration needed from viscous to clarified samples

  • Depth Filtration -Thomson's eXtreme|FV® Filter Vials are the perfect solution to viscous or particulate-laden samples commonly encountered in drug testing and toxicology samples

  • Low Evaporation Design - Designed for high volatility organic solvents Thomson's Low Evap Filter Vials

  • Versatility - Filter Vials that process as little as 10μL of sample or as much as 650μL are available to fit your applications


Well Plates & Filter Plates

24- & 96-well configurations

Well Plates are ideal for sample preparation or concentration, or Filter Plates for analytical sample preparation.

Well Plates

Well Plates

Thomson Well Plates in both 24- and 96-well configurations are ideal for sample preparation or concentration and feature various well and well bottom shapes to suit your analytical needs. To compliment Thomson well plates we also offer various sealing options including Capmats, Airporous and foil seals and plastic lid options.

  • Well Shape - Square or Round to fit your cell type and culture condition requirements

  • Well Bottom Shape - Pyramid, Round and V-bottom to fit your sample preparation and concentrating applications

  • Well Plate Orientation - Fixed for Robotic Liquid-Handling Systems

Filter Plates

Filter Plates

Thomson Filter Plates in both 24- and 96-well configurations are designed for analytical sample preparation. Depending on your application we may recommend using a positive pressure manifold, centrifugation or a Thomson Vacuum Manifold.

  • Versatility – Solid Phase Extraction and Affinity Phase Adsorption applications involving high throughput robotic Liquid Handling Systems

  • Solvent Compatibility – PVDF and PTFE Filter Plates are similar in principle to Thomson Filter Vials but in a 96-well plate

  • Long funnel design – Eliminates cross-contamination between sample collection wells by fully inserting below the top of the collection plate


Empty Columns

fill different sized columns with a variety of sorbents and resins for purification applications

SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns

SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns provide you the opportunity to fill different sized columns with a variety of sorbents and resins for purification applications. The wide range in which we offer these Columns means you are not limited by column size.

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Key Features

  • Compatibility - SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns allow for the simple connection to FPLC/LPLC/MPLC systems using standard Luer connections

  • Low Pressure - Designed for operating conditions from gravity feed up to 200lbs/sq inch Thomson columns are ideal for protein purification

  • Variety - Multiple sizes from 10mL to 650mL (4g - 300g) can scale up or down depending on your purification needs

  • Accessories - Thomson's gravity-feed Matrix Reservoir conveniently feeds your 50mL, 100mL or 200mL columns. Top frits are a good choice to minimize bubbles and maintain column packing (bottom frits are included with all Thomson columns)



Vials for reactions & HPLC Autosamplers, caps & lid solutions,


Thomson has Vials for reactions and HPLC Autosamplers, caps and lid solutions, plastic and metal blocks for storage and dry down, custom glassware, barcoding or laser etching

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Key Features

  • Clear glass Vials for reactions and compound storage in 20mL size to meet your application needs

  • Polyproplyene Vials for HPLC and other purification and analytical requirements with limited volumes. Thomson vials are universal and can be used on most autosamplers

  • High Temperature and Pierceable vial caps in sizes 2mL to 40mL to meet your synthesis needs


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