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Fill different sized columns with a variety of sorbents & resins for purification applications

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Don't be limited with your column size

At Thomson, we are aware of the need to customize available apparatus to the individual experiments. Our SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns (patented) provide you the opportunity to fill different sized columns with a variety of sorbents and resins for purification applications. The wide range in which we offer these columns means you are not limited by column size. SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns allow for the simple connection to FPLC/LPLC/MPLC systems.

Key Features
  • Acceptable for use with Gravity or FPLC/LPLC/MPLC

  • Multiple sizes for scales from 10mL-650mL (4g – 300g)

  • Durable design for pressures up to 200psi

  • Top & bottom connections are standard Luer sizing

1.2L Reservoir for SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns

Simplify your gravity filtration protocols

The Thomson 1.2L Reservoir simplifies gravity filtration protocols simplifying equilibration, sample loading & elution steps. The 1.2L Reservoir screws directly on to the top of 25g, 40g and 80g SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns allows for easy loading of buffers, solvents and samples minimizing contamination and sample loss.

Key Features
  • No mess, screws directly onto a SINGLE StEP® Empty Column

  • Easy loading of buffers, solvents and samples

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Thomson employs a nationwide team of expert technical support staff ready to tackle any questions you may have regarding our products.

SINGLE StEP® Empty Columns Part Numbers

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