Filter Plates

Thomson offers Filter Plates in configurations optimized for analytical sample clarification (PPE, PVDF & PTFE membranes) or for biological sample preparation (Rapid Clear membrane)


Thomson Filter Plates

Thomson Filter Plates in both 24- and 96-well configurations are ideal for biological as well as analytical sample preparation. We also offer a high efficiency Thomson Vacuum Manifold.

Key Features
  • Long neck drip funnel assures minimal risk of cross-contamination. Membrane types - PTFE, PVDF, Polypropylene for analytical sample preparation or Rapid Clear® for cell culture media clarification

  • Membrane Porosity - Depth filters with 0.2μm final and non-depth 0.2μm to accommodate your sample viscosity

  • Our Deep Well Filter Plates are designed to work with standard vacuum manifolds (see ours below), swing bucket centrifuges and positive pressure manifolds


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