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Thomson carries a number of accessories for the Optimum Growth™ Flask series. Accessories add to the ease-of-use and functionality of Optimum Growth™ Flasks and Transfer Caps

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Optimum Growth™ Flasks

Flask Accessories

Caps for Sealing, Breathing & Exhaust

Solid & Vented Caps

Available for all Optimum Growth™ flasks. Solid storage and vented caps keep your clarified media sterile until ready for processing

Bioreactor Exhaust Cap

When used with the Optimum Growth™ 1.6L flask and connected to your bioreactor this cap provides a dry aseptic pressure release system

Laboratory Accessories

Fixtures for handling Optimum Growth™ Flasks & Transfer Caps in the Lab

Optimum Growth™ Flask Carriers

For the Optimum Growth™ 125mL and 250mL flasks, carriers hold up to 8 flasks and a time and aid in transport to and from the shaker, while sampling in the hood and when left in the shaker to maximize spacing efficiency between flasks

Ring Stands & Rings

For suspending your Optimum Growth™ Flask and Inversion Transfer Cap at the correct height above the receiving vessel

Nationwide Technical Support

We’re here to help!

Thomson employs a nationwide team of expert technical support staff ready to tackle any questions you may have regarding our products.

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