Sampling Flask

The Optimum Growth™ Flasks provide several options for aseptic sampling in all flask sizes. The 125mL, 250mL, and 500mL Optimum Growth™ Flasks have an optional 1-way valve in the vented sample cap. The 5L Optimum Growth™ Flasks has an optional 1-way valve in the side of the flask.

The aseptic sampling option is available for the 125mL, 250mL, 500mL & 5L Optimum Growth™ Flasks.

Sample Flasks have ventilated caps for optimum aeration during cultivation.

Vented Sampling Cap

The Optimum Growth™ Sampling Cap is ventilated for optimal cultivation and has a 1-way valve built into it. This reduces contamination and allows for aseptic sampling of cells while the flasks remain in the shaker, eliminating the need for transfer to the hood from the shaker.

The Optimum Growth™ Sampling Flasks come with a 0.2μm PTFE vented cap for optimum aeration during cultivation. The Thomson vented caps create a safe aseptic barrier from harmful contaminants, while the large surface area creates an optimum air exchange for cell growth.

Simpler Sampling in the Shaker

Thomson’s improved sampling method allows you to sample directly in the shaker without the need to remove caps or use a deteriorating needle septum.

  1. Open shaker
  2. Attach syringe to sampling port and withdraw the sample
  3. Remove syringe & close shaker

Multiported Optimum Growth™ Transfer & Feed Flask

The multiported flask is completely aseptic, making it the perfect start for the initial seed cultures that seed bioreactors in multiple stages of clinical drug production. Other uses for Multiported Optimum Growth™ flasks include keeping cell lines alive and other manufacturing functions.

The Multiported Optimum Growth™ Flask was born out of necessity from biopharmaceutical companies requiring a completely aseptic process. These multiported flasks have replaced the need for bags to start seed cultures for the inoculation of bioreactors.

Why use the Multiported Optimum Growth™ Transfer & Feed Flask?

  • Sterile tube fuse inoculation
  • 1-way valve sampling allowing for a simple use in a shaker
  • Eliminate the need for under 20L cell bags
  • Replaces current process requiring tube fusing for inoculation
  • Consistently allows for multiple day additions
  • Allows for simple use within a shaker
  • Great for aseptic manufacturing; never any opening needed preventing potential contamination
  • page/og-trt-sp-side.jpg

    5L TRT Flask, Sample port side

  • page/og-trt-tf-side.jpg

    5L TRT Flask, Transfer/Feed side

Flask Clamp Compatibility

Use the chart below to find the appropriate flask clamp compatible with your shaker.

Flask Size Eppendorf® INFORS HT® Kuhner® Fisher Scientific® VWR®
125mL M1190-9001 12202 ATM 100 SM310125 50-901-18150 n/a
250mL M1190-9002 12203 ATM 250 SM310250 50-901-18151 n/a
500mL M1190-900 12204 ATM 500 SM310500 50-901-18152 n/a
1.6L n/a 31272 SM311600 n/a n/a
2.8L ACE-2000S ATK 2000 SM312800T 14-281-27 57019-686
5L ACE-5000S 12207ATM 3000 SM313000F 50-901-18155 57019-696

Optimum Growth™ Special Flasks Part Numbers

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