Thomson AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals

AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals (patented) are disposable, high gas exchange, sterile, simple seals for all shake flasks. Properties of the seal include a 0.2μm sterile barrier with a resealable membrane for use with Ultra Yield™ Flasks as well as other brand flasks. Multiple sizes are available to work with most commercially available shake flasks. Testing has been conducted by multiple customers with great results of up to 24-hours of growth. Testing included Protista (Algae), E. coli, and other microbes, and resulted in improved growth and more aerobic growth for all lines tested. Testing also showed that the pH of the cultures was more neutral.

Key Features

  • 0.2 µm high gas exchange flask seal
  • Increased aeration
  • Hydrophobic seal
  • Resealable seal (tested up to 24 hours of growth)
  • Compatible with standard flasks
  • Eliminates flask contamination

How do they work?

AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals can be applied as a clean, sterile barrier that allows samples to vent while preventing contamination from condensation and airborne particles such as phage, mold, spores, and dust. AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals replace plastic & metal flask caps, aluminum foil over flasks, cotton plugs, or cheese cloth. AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals are a convenient seal for many different types of flask. When used in combination with the Ultra Yield™ flasks they become a simple “High yield production system”. The combination of Ultra Yield™ Flasks and AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals allows maximum gas exchange improving production yields.

Find the AirOtop™ Enhanced Seal for your current flask

AirOtop™ Enhanced Seal Compatibility

Thomson AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals are fully compatible with other manufacturer’s flasks. Please see the compatibility charts (below) for identifying the correct seal for your flask.

AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals Increase Expression

AiroTop™ Enhanced Seals Increase Expression

Common seals replaced with AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals

Seal Type Sterile 0.2μm Air Barrier High Aeration Rate Disposable
Metal Flask Cap
Aluminium Foil
Cotton Plug
Cheese Cloth

AirOtop™ Enhanced Seals Part Numbers

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Ultra Yield Accessory Part Numbers

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