& Vented Screw Caps

As a component of the Thomson Ultra Yield® System, AirOtop® Enhanced Flask Seals are disposable, high gas exchange, sterile seals for all shake flasks.


AirOtop® Enhanced Seals

& Vented Screw Caps

AirOtop® Enhanced Seals

AirOtop® Enhanced Seals (patented) are disposable, high gas exchange, sterile seals for all shake flasks and are a component of Thomson's Ultra Yield® Solution and provide you with:

  • Sterile 0.2μm hydrophobic barrier with a resealable gas-permeable membrane

  • Fits all Ultra Yield® Flasks as well as other brand flasks both glass and disposable

  • AirOtop® Enhanced Seals help improve microbial growth and are part of the Ultra Yield® System

  • Resealable for up to 24 hours in culture


Ultra Yield® Vented Screw Cap

Vented Screw Caps feature a durable non-autoclavable design for use on Thomson Ultra Yield® Flasks. They also include a sterile 0.2μm hydrophobic barrier for high-throughput gas exchange

  • Sterile 0.2μm hydrophobic barrier with a gas-permeable membrane

  • Improve microbial growth

Disposable, Sterile, Easy To Use

Higher Gas Exchange on All Types of Shake Flasks
Sterile membrane barrier

AirOtop® Seals and Vented Screw Caps feature a 0.2μm sterile membrane barrier which provides a higher gas exchange on all types of shake flasks. AirOtop® Enhanced Seals are designed to fit on the tops of both Thomson flasks and traditional glass flasks. To determine the correct AirOtop® Seal to use with your glass or disposable flask refer to AirOtop® Enhanced Seal Compatibility below.

resealable for up to approximately 24 hours

AirOtop® Seals are disposable, sterile, easy to use, and resealable for up to approximately 24 hours. Multiple sizes are available to keep all of your flasks covered. Testing has been conducted at multiple customer sites with great results. Organisms tested include Protista (Algae), E. coli, and other microbes which exhibited increased cell density, a more neutral media pH and increased gas exchange rates.


Time to Harvest?

Ultra Yield® BiDirectional Transfer Caps
aseptic transfer system

In addition, when it comes time to harvest flask contents or transfer to larger fermenters Thomson manufactures a single-use Ultra Yield® BiDirectional Transfer Cap for the 1.5L and 2.5L Ultra Yield® Flasks. This aseptic transfer system keeps your process sterile and GMP-compliant


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AirOtop® Are Fully Compatible

with other manufacturer's flasks

Thomson AirOtop® Enhanced Seals are fully compatible with other manufacturer's flasks. Please see the compatibility charts (below) for identifying the correct seal for your flask.

Common Seals Replaced

with AirOtop® Enhanced Seals
Seal TypeHigh Aeration RateDisposable
Metal Flask Cap
Aluminium Foil
Cotton Plug
Cheese Cloth
Thomson Solutions At Work
Can we transistion to AirOtop® in our protocols?

We have Answers!

If you have questions on transitioning to AirOtop® for sealing your flasks, Thomson has a dedicated support staff ready to answer any of your questions.

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