Enriched Media

As a component of the Thomson Ultra Yield® system, Plasmid+® media plays a significant role in helping to generate high microbial titers resulting in higher plasmid yields.


Plasmid+® Provides Benefits

to your microbial cultures
Key Features
  • Medium specifically formulated for high DNA growth

  • Increased supercoiled DNA per Liter

  • Consistent plasmid production up to 22 hours

  • Use with tubes, plates, flasks, and fermenters

  • Sterile and ready to use. Simply add antibiotics and Grow!

  • Store Plasmid+® liquid media at room temperature for up to 12 months

  • Animal Origin Free Formulation


Increased Efficiency

in Plasmid Production

The following diagram illustrates the increased efficiency in plasmid production when using Plasmid+® media over conventional media. A plasmid yield of 2.5mg was achieved when using either a 2.5L Ultra Yield® flask with 500mL of conventional media or a 250mL Ultra Yield® flask with 60mL of Plasmid+® media. No need to use large flasks and lots of media when you can get by with 8x less media to generate the same results.


Please use Antifoam 1:5000 (Sigma-Aldrich® Antifoam 204)

My plasmid maxi preps yield has improved a lot. I use QiagenR Hi-Speed maxi kits and I used to grow 250mL bacterial culture to load on one column and my purified yield would barely be around 1mg/mL. UsingPlasmid+® media I grow 50mL culture for one QiagenR Hi-Speed column and in the past few weeks I even scaled the culture to 30mL/column and my yield is between 1-1.5mg/mL.

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Improved DNA Protocol

for E.coli with Plasmid+® Media

Four E. coli constructs were grown in either LB media or Plasmid+® media in 250mL Ultra Yield® Flasks using optimal fill volumes and shake speeds. After 24 hours in culture each flask was harvested and plasmid yields compared. As shown, Plasmid+® media greatly improved plasmid yields in all cultures on average over 1900% compared with LB Media

Improved DNA Protocol for E.coli with Plasmid+® Media - available in Technical Resources

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