An Overview of Filter Vials

Overview of the Thomson Filter Vial Line

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Screening and Quantitation of 200+ Pesticides in Honey by an Integrated On-Line Extraction UHPLC-MS/MS System

[A] simple, cost effective and sensitive procedure for screening and quantitation of pesticides in honey using the Thom...

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eXtreme|FV® vs SPE for the Analysis of Pesticides in Orange Juice by GC/MS

Pesticides act as toxins when found in sufficient quantities as residues in food. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a com...

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Routine Targeted Quantitation & Identification of Pesticide Residues in Avocado, Carrot, Grape & Orange using the eXtreme|FV® by LC-MS/MS

Thomson eXtreme|FV®s for clean-up, and the Sciex Scheduled MRM Pro Algorithm for identification of pesticides in fruit ...

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Improved Method for the Analysis of 31 Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluid samples using the Thomson eXtreme|FV® by LC-MS/MS

The goal of this study was to improve the sample preparation for the analysis of drugs of abuse/pain management panels ...

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An Overview of Filter Vials


Overview of the Thomson Filter Vial Line

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eXtreme|FV® - PVDF 0.2µm

Pre-Split Septum, Red Cap


Standard|Filter Vial - PTFE 0.45µm

Pre-Split Septum, Blue Cap


eXtractor3D|FV® - PVDF 0.45µm

Non-Split Septum, Yellow Cap


nano|Filter Vial® - PTFE 0.2µm

Pre-Split Septum, Green Cap


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5 Position for Autosampler Ready Filter Vials


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48 Position for Autosampler Ready Filter Vials


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